ALIEN: HARVEST /videos/alien-harvest 2315       DOOBIE WINS BEST EDITORIAL AT AICP POST AWARDS 2316       GESAFFELSTEIN & PHARRELL "BLAST OFF" BILLBOARD 2317       JAKE WINS BEST EDITING AT DISCOVER FILM AWARDS 2317       AUDI Q3 "LIFE" /videos/audi-life 2316       GOOGLE & UNITED NATIONS WOMEN'S DAY "COURAGE TO QUESTION" A VR SERIES 2315       NETFLIX "WE ALL HAVE 6 SHOWS IN COMMON" FORBES 2316       FOO FIGHTERS SUPER SATURDAY NIGHT /videos/foo-fighters-super-saturday-night 2315       DOOBIE EDITS "POLAR" FOR NETFLIX OUT JANUARY 25TH 2315       THE 1975 "SINCERITY IS SCARY" /videos/the-1975-sincerity-is-scary 2317       THE 1975 "IT'S NOT LIVING (IF IT'S NOT WITH YOU)" ROLLING STONE 2317       PARCELS "WITHORWITHOUT" /videos/parcels-withorwithout 2317       CIVIC NATION "JENNY'S DEAD" AD AGE 2316       OCULUS "VR FOR GOOD" 2315,2316       BEATS BY DRE "QUEEN OF QUEENS" /videos/beats-by-dre-queen-of-queens 2316       DAVE GROHL "PLAY" /videos/dave-grohl-play 2315,2317       PHENOMS FOX & FOX SPORTS 2315       A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "SPACE PROGRAM" APPLE MUSIC 2317       CHVRCHES "MIRACLE" /videos/chvrches-miracle 2317       KRISTIN GETS NOMINATED AT AICE FOR LULULEMON "FATHER'S DAY" 2316       REEBOK "FASTEST MAN ALIVE" /videos/reebok-fastest-60 2316       REPRESENT.US /videos/represent-us-jack-and-ed 2315       Eddie Sound Designs for Intuit's brand campaign and Super Bowl Spot /videos/intuit-a-giant-story 2316       FOO FIGHTERS "THE MAKING OF CONCRETE AND GOLD" /videos/foo-fighters-the-making-of-concrete-and-gold 2315       THE FAKE NEWS WITH TED NELMS "PANTY PANTRY" /videos/the-fake-news-with-ted-nelms-panty-pantry 2315       MONSTER CABLE "IGGY AZALEA" /videos/monster-getting-started 2316       CORONA "CARLOS" /videos/corona-carlos 2316       CHANEL "ARTIST" /videos/chanel-artist 2316       ATLANTIS "COME TO LIFE" /videos/atlantis-come-to-life 2316       FOO FIGHTERS "THE SKY IS A NEIGHBORHOOD" /videos/foo-fighters-the-sky-is-a-neighborhood 2317       "THE CORE" VARIETY 2315       TJ MILLER "METICULOUSLY RIDICULOUS" 2315       ACURA TLX "PERFORMANCE" /videos/acura-tlx-performance 2316       HP "Dads & Daughters" CREATIVITY 2316       FOO FIGHTERS "RUN" /videos/foo-fighters-run 2317       AUDI "THE DECISION" /videos/audi-the-decision 2316       CHANEL "JELLYWOLF" /videos/chanel-jellywolf- 2315       THE GORBURGER SHOW COMEDY CENTRAL 2315       FUNNY OR DIE "CITY SLICKERS IN WESTWORLD'" /videos/funny-or-die-city-slickers-in-westworld-feat-billy-crystal- 2315       RESIDENT EVIL THE FINAL CHAPTER IN THEATERS JANUARY 27 /videos/resident-evil-the-final-chapter 2315       SLIM JIM "OFFICE PARTY" /videos/slim-jim-office-party 2316       BEATS BY DRE "GOT NO STRINGS" DIR: BRIAN BELETIC /videos/beats-by-dre-got-no-strings 2316       SKECHERS "CAMILA CABELLO" /videos/skechers-camila-cabello 2316       LG "DOUBLE RAINBOW" /videos/lg-double-rainbow- 2316       JOHNNIE WALKER "ANTHEM" /videos/johnnie-walker-anthem 2316       WILSON "NOTHING WITHOUT IT" WINS AN HPA! 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